Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

I wanted to type about my thanksgiving break during the week, but I had to get my laptop fixed. I was not able to use it all week until my mom fixed the laptop for me on a late Sunday. On November 27, I braved my way through the heavy rain to make it to Sweeney's class and made it on time as usual. Since there was not many people in the class because of thanksgiving, the whole class got into peer groups and engaged in conversation about our fourth essay. After English class was over, that was when thanksgiving break officially started.  When I first got home, I spent the whole day with  my grandma since was released from Lucy Corr Village on the 22nd of November. We watched Steve Harvey, not his comedy shows or his television series, his reality talk shows. On thanksgiving day, I watched the Macy Thanksgiving parade on TV. The best part was when the cast of Duck Dynasty and NFL legend, Hines Ward were in the parade. I did not have the energy to eat anything for thanksgiving because I all wanted to do was to watch the football games especially the Steelers and Ravens game at 8:30 on NBC. After all the hard effort, the Steelers lost to the Ravens 22-20. It was a close game but as always the Ravens had to pull some dirty tricks just to win against AFC North rivals. In the 4th quarter of the game with 1:26 left, Le'Veon Bell ran in Baltimore's endzone for the touchdown but 2 Ravens' cornerbacks slammed Bell with their helmets and Bell's helmet came off. Bell's action's claimed as a 1-yard touchdown but then the referees said it was not a touchdown becuase Bell's helmet came off. Since the Pittsburgh Steelers is my favorite team, I can not believe that they lost to those dirty Ravens. So, that was not a good thanksgiving I had. The other great thing I did was going to Buffalo Wild Wings in Chester with my best friend and brother, Josh Seymore. Josh and I knew each other since the sixth grade and we always got each other backs, no matter what the situation is.

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