Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

I wanted to type about my thanksgiving break during the week, but I had to get my laptop fixed. I was not able to use it all week until my mom fixed the laptop for me on a late Sunday. On November 27, I braved my way through the heavy rain to make it to Sweeney's class and made it on time as usual. Since there was not many people in the class because of thanksgiving, the whole class got into peer groups and engaged in conversation about our fourth essay. After English class was over, that was when thanksgiving break officially started.  When I first got home, I spent the whole day with  my grandma since was released from Lucy Corr Village on the 22nd of November. We watched Steve Harvey, not his comedy shows or his television series, his reality talk shows. On thanksgiving day, I watched the Macy Thanksgiving parade on TV. The best part was when the cast of Duck Dynasty and NFL legend, Hines Ward were in the parade. I did not have the energy to eat anything for thanksgiving because I all wanted to do was to watch the football games especially the Steelers and Ravens game at 8:30 on NBC. After all the hard effort, the Steelers lost to the Ravens 22-20. It was a close game but as always the Ravens had to pull some dirty tricks just to win against AFC North rivals. In the 4th quarter of the game with 1:26 left, Le'Veon Bell ran in Baltimore's endzone for the touchdown but 2 Ravens' cornerbacks slammed Bell with their helmets and Bell's helmet came off. Bell's action's claimed as a 1-yard touchdown but then the referees said it was not a touchdown becuase Bell's helmet came off. Since the Pittsburgh Steelers is my favorite team, I can not believe that they lost to those dirty Ravens. So, that was not a good thanksgiving I had. The other great thing I did was going to Buffalo Wild Wings in Chester with my best friend and brother, Josh Seymore. Josh and I knew each other since the sixth grade and we always got each other backs, no matter what the situation is.

Monday, November 11, 2013

College Fair and many other things that happened on a Monday

First, I want to say thank you to all the veterans that had participated in the several wars the United States had been in all these years. Personally, everyday and every Veterans Day, I honor my Uncle Pop for fighting in the Vitenam War during his time in the United States Army and my Uncle Chester, who has served in United States Air Force several years ago. Secondly, I am very happy that my grandma is feeling much better and started acting like her old self now. She is at Lucy Corrr Village in Chesterfield to regain her strength back so can finish the rest of her appointments so we can she how much she has apporved since the day she got illed. Meaning that if grandma keeps feeling better everday she will be out of Lucy Corr before Thanksgiving; that is would I would call a real blessing. Thirdly, there was a college fair at Richard Bland today and I had to go to see would the selective colleges would offer me when I transfer to one of the selectice college. So far, there was only two colleges that would offer me scholarships and financial aid. The first college that give me good, detailed informantion was Eastern Mennonite University. I kinda of impressed the representative lady for EMU because I she saw hown fast I can write while still showing nice penmanship and told me to come visit EMU in the spring. The next college that offer me the same things as EMU did was Bridgewater College. I really like Bridgewater College because it is a small college and the environment looks really nice.

Fall Break

During the fall break, I did not really do that much on break. On the first day of break, I did some of the essay for Sweeney's class because it is look really hard. So, I try to relax my mind by watching some old television shows like Maude, Sanford and Son, Golden Girls, and All in the Family. While watching those old television shows,some ideas came in my head like the title for my essay which was Getaway from the Witch and Blue Roses Reality Adventures of Tom Wingfield. Then, my grandma got sick on the first day of break so I did my best to take care like making sure she is warm, drinking a lot of fluids, making her food, and taking the right medication. I asked my aunt Theresa for some assistance to take care of grandma. When my mother came home from work, grandma was feeling a little better since I made mash potates for her to keep her strength up. We were waiting for the rain to calm down so my aunt Theresa can go back to her house since I pushed her in her wheelchair because she has problems walking. So after we took my anut back home, grandma started to feel worse again. My mom and I decided to take her to the hospital so we can find out what is wrong with her. After several long hours, we find out that grandma had chest pains, trouble breathing, and terrible ongoing headaches. I know my grandma cna get through all of this because she is a fighter and will always be as I continue to pray for to become well again so she can come back home with me and mom.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Amanda Wingfield vs Dorless Umbridge

For the first week of October, the class' assignment was to read The Glass Menagerie and watch the movie in class. At first I thought it was going to be a boring movie, but it was not that boring actually. The actors in the movie that played each of the characters in the play were played exactly right but with more passion in the movie than the play. Especially the woman in the movie that played the role of Amanda Wingfield. She reminded me of the woman in the Harry Potter book and movie series, Dorless Umbridge. Both Amanda and Dorless have the same personality. For example, both of them have an uptight and bossy personality to make sure everything is in order. Also, they have a bad attitude towards the people that are around them often like Tom and Laura is around Amanda while Harry is around Dorless. But, both of them act kinder to the people that are not around often like Jim to Amanda and the Ministryn of Magic to Dorless.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Right Blog

To be truthfully honest, I am not really good at making blogs. The reason why is that is the first time I had to something in class or outside of class that requires blogs. But, thanks to Mr.Sweeney's help, I think I have caught the grasp of making blogs. At first, I did not know if this event would be consider out of class or a not a good enough event. But, on September 14th, the cross country and track team went up to Fort Lee for some training. I wanted to train with the team, but I could not because I was still on crutches. The reason why is because I bruise my left femur bone on September 7th.  While at Fort Lee, me, Coach High, and Coach Zelinksi joked a little for a little bit because I was coming down the hill with my crutches. I was not completely bored because I did the same workouts as my other teammates were doing,  but I did the workouts while I was on crutches. To me, I thought that was a good Saturday, just getting from school for a while and be out there with nature was awesome. On the bright side of that, the sun was shining great and the wind was breezy. On Monday, I did not know whereto going to Fort Lee was an beyond class event. So, I asked Mr.Sweeney about it and he said that would be consider an beyond class activity.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thoughts on the story

The story, "Hills Like White Elephants" was a crazy story. The random thought I had in my mind is when the man kept offering the girl beer, it remind of the snickers commercial I see on television sometimes.

Sunday, September 15, 2013